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Student Information

Student participation at our annual conference is always a priority of our society. As such, we create opportunities for students to obtain travel awards as well as participate in special activities during the conference. We aim to provide students an unique opportunity to engage with professionals and academicians working in this important field.

Student Design Competition

For detailed instructions on the Student Design Competition, click here.

This year’s annual competition focuses on stormwater runoff treatment. Students will work in teams to design a bioretention media for green infrastructure practices targeting urban runoff pollutants. Teams will have access to a suite of common media components (such as course sand, mulch, compost, perlite, etc.) and be given a transparent column for packing and testing. Students may also use other outside materials. Design media will be tested for pollutant removal efficiency using a synthetic stormwater created to simulate what you would find coming from a residential development. Students will also be asked to make a video advertisement for their product, showcasing its pollution attenuation potential and advertising price. Treatment efficiency will be measured in terms of pollutant concentration in water draining through the column (tested in a university lab). Teams will be judged on a combination of creativity, articulation of design in advertisement, product cost, and of course, treatment efficiency results.

All students will be expected to participate in the competition (especially if they received a travel award). Teams will comprise of 4-6 students, grouped according to institution. Institutions with only 1-3 representatives will be combined. Work time during the conference will be limited, so we encourage students to begin brainstorming before the conference. Winner plague awards will be presented at the business meeting.

Student Travel Awards

The society provides travel awards to students to help assist in off setting the expense of the conference. Students may apply for awards during the registration process using the google form. More information on expected award amounts will be announced soon. Awards will be given out during the conference. Students seeking funding from the society must be presenting at the conference to receive a travel award. All University of Tennessee students (presenting or just attending) apply for local travel funds here:

Student Lodging

A student block of rooms at the conference hotel has been set aside. Students receiving travel awards are expected to share rooms, two to a room. When making reservations, please indicate that you need a student room. If you need help finding a roommate, please contact Andrea Ludwig at


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